Graphic Design StudioWe all know how important it is to be effectively certified for our jobs and careers. Ranked number a single in 2013 by Style Week National Inventive League Table and clocking far more than 250 national and international awards, The Chase has garnered interest for their revolutionary corporate branding and print design. These self-proclaimed inventive consultants” offer you an interesting sampling of skills such as calendar design, museum exhibits, and sports stadium branding.

Forgetting that this is not art and that I am not supposed to appreciate it, let me study its lines. The composition is a dance. The strong blacks make a graphic and stylish statement by putting a lot stress on the rest of the components of the piece. The men and women are dynamic dancers against a steady and stable background of horizontal lines. Hence an agreeable tension. Each component of tension in the composition is balanced by yet another. I leave you to draw your own lines and conclusions. If you are new to this, make a check out to my Dali hub or the Last Supper one for starters.

SocioDesign is famed for their minimal and reductive style which enables customers to turn their brands into cross-cultural assets. In other words, their designs have a universal really feel to them which appeals to numerous regions of the globe. This international method has allowed SocioDesign to reach further than most style studios, and is what has helped develop their international fame.

Each style begins with careful preparing. In order to convey the right message to the public, the designer demands to be nicely familiar with the brochure’s function and its audience. Will the brochure be employed alone or in mixture with other advertising materials, such as catalogs, print ads, and so forth.? How will it be utilized – sent by mail to clients, left behind after client meetings, or placed on a display rack along with other brochures? What would be the audience and what variety of information does it want? You need to have the answers to all of these inquiries in order to plan the style of your brochure properly.

Okuyama, Gihachirō (奥山儀八郎, 1907- 1981) was an incredibly prolific visual artist who worked in a variety of different types. He started his career in the late 1920s designing woodblock prints for commercial purposes. His work integrated posters and advertisements for the Japan Wool Firm and Nikka Whiskey. In 1931, Okuyama founded the Tokyo Advertisement Art Association, whose name was later changed to Tokyo Marketing Creator’s Club (Tokyo Kokoku Sakka Kurabu). Okuyama’s interests were not restricted to the industrial elements of printmaking. From 1923 to 1933, he studied with Ishii Kendo, studying about the traditions of Japanese printmaking and ukiyo-e. In 1932, he was one of many artists who contributed to the print series “A single Hundred Views of Great Tokyo” (Dai Tokyo hyakkei), published by Nihon Fukei Hangakai.