Graphic Design AgencySo you’re aspiring to generate designs for businesses advertising their crafts on the internet? Electric Pen is a multi-disciplinary inventive agency. More than the previous 20 years, we’ve confirmed that a highly collaborative graphic design and style group of passionate issue solvers can do wonders for your advertising wants. Not to mention the high quality of your sleep. Welcome to Electric Pen. We’re all about creative operate and not about the drama that can come with it.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise then when you uncover out that the MiresBall offices are some of the coolest skilled design and style offices about. A historical warehouse that has been created and decorated for a contemporary business, staffed by creatives. The original wood and steel motif, cleaned up nice and sparkly and accented with contemporary fixtures and furnishings. Then decorated by every little thing that makes Southern California cool to the whole planet. The art collection of its partners, and their hobbies. Musical instruments, surfboards, fine art and graffiti art, skateboards, sculptures, and dogs. Real dogs. The policy is a pet-friendly one for their creatives and employees.

MiresBall is a San Diego primarily based style firm with knowledge in branding, logo and packaging, environmental style, marketing and digital user expertise. Their shop is close to the downtown region in a little nook inside the neighborhood of Bankers Hill. It is one particular of the oldest and largest independent design and style firms in Southern California. They have been churning out great, strong perform for neighborhood businesses and huge national corporations for 30 years, and their reputation has built them up in that time as a single of the leaders in this area.

The Inventive Inspirations series from visits Margo Chase at her design and style group location in Silverlake, California. There we get an understanding of where Margo Chase started as a designer and what interests and challenges her as both a individual and as a professional graphic designer.

4.Design is not an ocean, it really is a fishbowl” – Be quite certain and appropriate about your designs and that would depend on the client needing them. Be careful about the principles you apply on either designing methods or advertising suggestions. Be aware that these two may not constantly be interchangeable.